The Laws of Success

Has anyone seen my time? Somebody stole my day.

“What did you do all morning?”
I used to ask that question during college and school, now I understood better. I came to realize success stems not so much from being busy as from being committed, disciplined and adaptable. Its primary ingredient is a combination of rich family love and strong religious values.

To be committed is to approach life with a passionate intensity and enthusiasm. To succeed, we need to focus on what motivates us. Maybe we have to look at:

-- Develop our strengths. We can all excel at something. What is it? I don’t know, but it’s somewhere.
-- Select work we love. I think we can work harder if we’re having fun at what we’re doing.
-- Set fewer goals, make sacrifices and hang on.
As we can’t be perfect in everything, we have to focus on what you enjoy and value. That will motivate you to stay committed to your goals.

Success builds slowly and demands self discipline. The discipline to keep going, we all the same focus on work, work and work. People I’ve got some words for you : Jobs come and go, but friends and family are for a lifetime.

We have to lean into the wind from time to another, loosen our hold and go with the flow, as going through life is like crossing a windy bridge, we need to be adaptable and willing to change, to adjust our course and take a different route.
It’s all about choices. In a rapidly changing world, we need to choose to grow and adapt.

Here are some positive choices you could make:
a -- Search for people who like you, with same interests.
b -- Don’t withdraw as long as you still alive.
c -- It’s not a shame to admit your mistakes, saying sorry isn’t that hard
d -- Brain vacations is necessary, look up at the sky. Say something nice to a friend or just laugh.

These, then, are what I call the laws of success: commitment, discipline and adaptability. Of course having a strong faith and family is another law for success.
Do what ever it takes to succeed while having fun and building strong family ties.

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  1. anameen Reply

    i think leadership need special kind of human

  2. anameen Reply

    i think leadership need special kind of human

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