Get away with it..

If you’re one of them…you can get away with it easily ;)
Them…stand for …them…you know!!
And it…stands for any thing from a parking ticket that will be torn to pieces…up to any hit and run accident…
Wanna live that free…guiltless…powerfully?? Simple… If your dad is not one of them…you can!!
Join the academy…or any of their forces and starting your first year there you’ll be having some influence around their departments…
See how simple it is…
ohhh…can’t pass the physical? too short?? Something else?? I have a solution for that…get yourself hooked with one of their girls…but shoot high…let her be the daughter of some big shot captain or something…
I gave you all the tips…
Will you take care of my driver’s case?? you know…the drugs weren’t his!!
you will? :D..
Thanks :)

6 Responses to Get away with it..
  1. Tarek Reply

    Great post.
    I think it’s the time for the government to take actions against police corruption. Especially after those videos.

  2. e-nadaha Reply

    Gove who??
    tarek..Them..are of’s a net..a gang!!
    So..if someone has to take’ll be us..filing law suits till we burst their bubble..

  3. IRC President Reply

    Is the government a legal community in the first place to take actions? Is the government a good community to manage this country in the first place?

  4. nightS Reply

    great post indeed!

  5. e-nadaha Reply

    The government is no community!!
    And it is supposed to take legal actions against criminal acts or even felonies..but the fact is…7ameeha 7arameeha!!

  6. e-nadaha Reply

    Thanks Night for the visit..
    And for the nice comment:)

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