Fabricating the manifestation!!

Those news IRC^President discussed with us yesterday made me wonder..
And the news were…the police arrested a lady presenter from aljazeera channel with fifty fabricated videos regarding the awful tortures that take place in the Egyptian police stations and jails..
IRC..and the rest of us smelled something fishy..yeah..stink!!!
Why video tapes??? Why not DVDs??? Why didn’t she just smuggle them through the net??!
We’ve grown to think doubtfully of our media and our forces..and that’s a fact..simply because they are not trust worthy..
But hey..it cuts both ways..just like a knife that cuts both ways..oops..what brought this song to mind now:D..never mind Gloria estefan:P
O.k..If media can fabricate such material..would it be justified if they did it to manifest an ugly fact that really happens in police stations and jails but this nastiness never broke it’s way to the light..never been exposed!!?
Or the fabrication is from the government to cover up their scandalous behaviour that rotten ed the air when many many proofs of their misconduct is being shown now on blogs,tv channels and around the net every where in the world.?
A funny thing happened last night..i was talking to some big shot relative of mine who works in the ministry of interior affairs..and i slammed him with the videos..and he said the most dumb thing i’ve ever heard..
“So what? There is Guantanamo!!!”
Shame on you!!!

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  1. IRC President Reply

    The same old story. Weak government who thinks themselves the most powerful power on earth, some idiot action happens, then chaos.

    Welcome to it when it comes.

  2. e-nadaha Reply

    yeah..same old story that is,
    When power and money combine everything becomes so cheap even human beings if they stand in the way!!
    This is what i call a week old comment :D :P

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