Egyptian Zodiac


Clever, fatalist, deep. Sympathetic, generous, loving and perseverant in proving their view point

Colors: male: sienna, female: crimson
Compatible Signs:
Bastet, Isis
May 8 -- May 27, Jun 29 -- Jul 13

Role: God of death and mummification
Jackal or a jackal-headed man
Sacred animals:

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3 Responses to Egyptian Zodiac
  1. nousha Reply

    That’s interesting!
    But I think that the site is fabricating these ‘signs’ by just putting the names of the Egyptian gods.
    On the main page he put the dendarah calendar in order to give a mystical atmosphere, but surprisingly if u searched a little about it u’ll find that they used the same zodiac signs we use nowadays (pisces, gemini, cancer,,,, etc) !!

  2. Anonymous Reply

    Lol.. I’m Geb’s sign.. god of Earth, his color is green and he has a goose over his head.. so, I guess anything else is better lol


  3. IRC President Reply

    Maybe you are right :), as you said: I liked the atmosphere :D

    Thanks for passing by :))

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