Five things no one knows about me.

A tag from قلم جاف and here come five things that no one knows about me:

1. I usually go out alone, finding all those on my list usually busy

2. I don’t like watching football, though I follow from time to time the most important Egyptian victories and other wise, too much time wasted on watching matches, movies are better :P

Thanks Heba for inspiration for this point. :P

3. This blog is not my original first blog, and it was not intended to be personal when first made.

4. I hate hotmail so much, and I hate using hotmail accounts with MSN messenger

5. I’m a right wing supporter.

6. My main reading priorities are politics, history, and sociopolitics


And since this is the first time I respond to a tag, so the tag will be passed to anyone who read :)

4 Responses to Five things no one knows about me.
  1. Dananeer Reply

    ايه ده
    شكرا كده و بس
    مفيش حاجات بتتوزع هنا؟

  2. IRC President Reply

    لأ طبعا وأنا أقدر

    شوفي التحديث

  3. Dananeer Reply

    وبعدين يعنى فين الحلاوه
    ايه التهريج ده
    و بعدين التاج بيقولك خمسه بس
    عليك غرامه

  4. IRC President Reply

    هديلك دي في دي هدية
    إيه رأيك؟

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