The Cultured vs who.

I just came back from a good photography exhibition in the Culture Wheel for the sweet blogger Eno and other photographers from the Egyptian photographers group. It was really great to see Eno, Enadaha, Abdo, Eman M, and the others. It all went well until the moment we were about to go to the nearby cafe to rest for a while and have a little chat.

We had a little fright as there was some loud cries and so, then we found out that there was some kind of performance behind the curtain which separated it from the exhibition we were in. After a while we found out a woman who was literally shouting at us and asking us to lower our voices by asking us if we belonged to the infamous group which is called “The cultured”. And lecturing us how does the cultured person act. I really don’t know why does a person with a good deal of knowledge (which is supposed to be the main feature in the “cultured” person) to be the most considerable and polite person in the world. Why does having a certain quality suppose for the person to be the most optimized person the Universe. (Not to mention that we didn’t know about this performance until then, and then claimed that she announced it, whatever). The problem is: Why do we ask for the Great Expectations? Being something doesn’t require being all the other good things to be with it. It is just not logical by any mean, or else humans will be goods by knowledge.

“Dare for more, Pepsi”.

Another thing: The art of violence. She came from nowhere shouting at us as if we were a bunch of kids (I will not agree this way for kids even). What a disgrace really of someone who is supposed to be an organizer of a play or whatever. There must be a certain level of practice in the field of PR for people like those. She was trying not to lower our voices, but to FORCE us to.

The government do the same. They have their governmental papers, the shout towards the society. They just shout. In the past the shouts stood behind some kind of idiotic view. But nowadays they are lunatic shouts for no reason, to force the people to believe in something. The Egyptian POWs thing, the government is shouting at us to leave their right behind. These traitors. They are telling us that those were Palestinians, as if it will make a difference at all. The infamous statement of Mr. Father of the Farm that the relations between Egypt and Israel will not be affected by a movie. Spill Gut…

Dear Government…you will dine in Hell.

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  1. e-nadaha Reply

    I know exactly what you mean..
    of course because i’ve been there and have been through similar approaches that stir those very thoughts in my head..
    It was a hell when people started categorizing people!!
    now they are categorizing behavior..even crooked..artificial ones..
    great post dear..thanks for sharing :)

  2. IRC President Reply

    Categorizing, this is the expression I’m looking for

    you are welcome :)

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