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  1. ~*emy*~ Reply

    disregarding political views…hitler is my fav. example for a leading mind & character…

    guess what my result was :D?

    “You are a people loving Macedonian dwarf. You are Mother Teresa. You lead with your good works and helpful nature. You just love to give.”

  2. IRC President Reply

    Well I made the test three times, 2 times was hitler and once as Clinton :D

    The 45 questions type of test was really hard.

  3. ~*emy*~ Reply

    yea i chose the 45 questions type…but didn’t answer more than once…coz i will give the same answers…wala what did u do exactly?! :D

  4. IRC President Reply

    The questions were not the same, hey varied in 40% of the question.

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