Kelmetna Bloggers Meeting

Today I went to the Kelmetna seminar about bloggers by invitation from Tohamy. I went 10 minutes late to find Mohamed Hamdy, Maged, Armoty, Shimaa, Tohamy, Michael, Mustafa Fat’hy, Sarah and others already came. First we filled some kind of application for something like introducing us to the magazine. Then everyone talked about his/her blog. You know, the usual questions. Why, when and how type of questions.

Then we reached the basic questions which is related to blogging in general.

1. Copyrights
2. Freedom of Speech in blogs (and in general)
3. Karim Amer of course
4. Obscenity and foul language in blogs (and obviously verbal harrasment)
5. Censorship
6. The question if blogging affect people directly or what?
7. Consequently, definition of the effect of blogging

and while discussing, Yasmine came and she was warmly welcomed by all :).

We discussed again the previously mentioned points on a more broad scale. After that we discussed some ideas concerning optimizing the functionality of bloggers in general, in cooperation with the magazine in some of the points.

The ideas mentioned were:
1. Publishing a corner or a section in the magazine for blogs, and the form I guess will need more thorough discussing.
2. Forming an NGO (this is a really big goal and I’m proud of the idea.)

This post is not complete yet, wait for updates :)


Coverage from Mohamed Hamdy.

8 Responses to Kelmetna Bloggers Meeting
  1. ikhnaton2 Reply

    I could understand from this short report that nothing stimulate u in the discussion?!! Nothing strange, not argument?!!

    What NGO did u discussed?

  2. IRC President Reply

    It is still not updated, this report was from my memory :D.

    NGO for bloggers.

  3. بنى أدم مع وقف التنفيذ Reply

    انا سعيد بحضورك يا محمد ..و سعيد ان الندوة عجبتك

  4. IRC President Reply

    وأنا كمان مبسوط إنني إتعرفت بيك :)

  5. micheal Reply

    it was a great meeting..pleased tht I was introduced 2 u
    best wishes

  6. IRC President Reply

    Me 2 dude :), it was really nice to meet you.

  7. Mohamed Hamdy Reply

    بجد تغطيه ممتازة منك بالصور

    وبجد كان يوم رائع وإنت كنت متألق فيه

  8. IRC President Reply

    ربنا يخليك يا باشا :)

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