What Kind of blog is this

I got this tag from Rasha, she has a great blog :).

The Questions:

1- What kind of blog is your blog (Cat, Boss or Viral blog)? refer to this post for the definitions.

My blogging was always Viral, this is because I always prefer 1 to 1 ways of communication in general. IM is the most preferable for me to be specific.

2- Out of the 111.2 million blogs in the blogosphere, what makes a blog stand out ?

What makes it standing is how your advertise it, the more ways your advertise for, the more readers you will get (which is natural I guess), and you will have at least 0.1% of those people who will become a constant readers. (God bless Google monitoring tools)

3- What, in your opinion, makes YOUR blog stand out? Why should we read your blog?

Post more material on Human Rights crisis in Egypt, but what is most important, supporting it with material.
Also refer to question 2.

The Rules:

-- After you’ve posted your answers, you may tag up to 5 of your friends.
-- If you were tagged, you’re not obligated to answer. But come on… don’t be a party-pooper!
-- You must add a link to your blog at the bottom of this tag. Don’t remove links already added, add yours next to them.
-- If you want a copy of Seth Godin’s ebook, you can download it here. (Right Click -- Save Target As)
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And I tag Nisho, Tarek, and Dev.

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  1. Dua'a Reply

    Thanks for taking the tag. I added your link to the original post :)

  2. Rasha Reply

    thanks goog for taking it..
    great answers :)

  3. IRC President Reply

    Thanks Dua’a for adding.

    And you are most welcome dear Rasha :))

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