Being free and alive

Being free, and alive…

Freedom of a person is so precious, to the extent that in a society like ours, people are so envious of the full meaning of life while expressing your freedom that they try to insult and humiliate your freedom in every time they could. The person with this sense of freedom, with this sense of life, feeling all these crimes directed towards him but trying to to go on and enjoy every instant of life without regret, without being forced to follow a certain tradition, a certain rule, a certain society chain applied against his will, his imagination, his feelings, his passion, his music, his painting, his philosophy, his love for something he likes. That person is just of full of life, longing for a perfect life where everyone is happy and in love with all their surroundings, be it humans or nature around them.

I just hate it when lively act is being opposed by our idiot society, like a loud laugh, a dance or singing in public, love or passion between a couple…
I just imagine it, when two friends, just friends, a boy and a girl, trying to imagine how their life would be after twenty years. And they bet that the moment they first met, would be the best moment in their entire life. I think that a moment of this kind is just so intense, so full of freedom, imagination, platonic love…
Why is this kind of freedom opposed? Why not just let it go if you are not harmed? Why don’t you just enjoy it when you see that some form of freedom can make someone happy, and even make you feel happy, even if for just the mere feeling that you made someone feel nice, feel alive?
Love, passion, happiness, beauty, art, music, dancing, life…are just kinds of freedom that every human must exercise, must enjoy. Be free…

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  1. Marwa Rakha Reply

    Bless your heart … this is an awesome post .. may you always enjoy life, freedom, and happiness

  2. NoExpertsNeeded Reply

    A lovely post. Always stay true to yourself and follow the messages sent by your Spirit. Those “other” folks are only projecting their own insecurity.

    At first, your beauty’s reflected Light will scare them…make them nervous and jealous. Give them time and Stay strong. And allow the Light to heal all…

    I’ll share one of my favorite quotes from Oprah:

    “Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher.”

    take care,
    Louise Lewis, author
    “No Experts Needed: The Meaning of Life According to You!”

    FREE e-book at:
    (No strings/spam…Simply my way of ‘giving back’ to life!

  3. Mohamed ElGohary Reply

    @Marwa Rakha
    Thanks for passing by and for the comment :)

    Thank you very much! :)

  4. Mohamed ElGohary Reply

    But the book ain’t free :P

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