Egypt: I was assaulted by an activist

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It has been a while since I last wrote here, but really I can’t take it any longer. For a long time I witnessed and supported (at least virtual support) many human rights cases where people were hit and tortured by the Egyptian Police, till recently, when I faced a strange situation. What will you do when someone who is supposed to be a human rights defender hit a blogger just because he hates him?

What is the difference between this act, and how the Egyptian police attack Egyptian citizens and torture them? What will you do when a human rights defender commit an act which is equal to what exactly condemned by all Human Rights organizations?

So, this Mr. Mohamed Gamal Beshir, also known as , attacked me for reasons of hate and paranoia. Dragging me after a workshop in the ANHRI about online security, slapped me several times, breaking my glasses along with suffering bleeding from different parts of my body.

And here are his own confessions (in Arabic) on twitter, with links and snapshots in case he deletes them.


I’m not showing off my strength, but there was this pimp who is keeping insulting me. When he arrived Cairo and was slammed he shut up? This is a reason for not dealing online with real men.


And ask the pimp who thinks himself a man what did Global Voices do to you when you were attacked and your glasses were broken? Don’t be suck pimps for your work if you please.

And this is how the story begins.

It all began with some harsh dispute about what is the role of Global Voices, with him claiming that I’m ignorant and I don’t know anything about media, journalism, or what he called editing policy; being him, at that time, the website Editor in Chief of ElDostor Newspapers. So I blocked him online and that’s it. After this incident he began to be violent verbally towards me on his social networks. I ignored him completely, though he continuously cursed me and called me and my mother names, which is extremely insulting. Still, I tried to bypass all this and consider him a lunatic.

After that he began inventing stories that I’m doing what he is actually doing, cursing him and his mother, spreading false news about him, etc etc. I thought that by keeping silent and acting the good guy will end this. But he just used the chance that he saw me at the ANHRI workshop I attended and waited till I went downstairs so no one can see him, and he did what he did. And when I tried to hit back Wael Abbas was there trying to stop the fight, allowing Gemyhood to retreat.


1. I didn’t talk just after the incident till now because of my shock and confusion I suffered. We live in an authoritarian government which will definitely use such an opportunity, if I seek police intervention, as a free gift, to extremely screw up all the human rights field, specially when the mister is known as a Human Rights defender, internationally and locally.

Though, indeed, he himself claims that it is all is just for fun, he does NOT believe in human rights as he stats below in his own tweet:


And who told you I state my opinion or I’m defending a case to protect it or hit for it? I just play man!

2. Mr. Gamal Eid, The ANHRI’s head, thankfully cancelled and stopped any future cooperation with Gemyhood following this incident, and this is really a good step towards cleaning the “hood” for the real people who believe in human rights.

3. I won’t seek legal revenge against him, because as I stated I don’t want any infiltration from this Authoritarian government, the Police State we live, as we suffer enough infiltration. All I need from you, the reader, to do is spread the news. Because in this online world, the only power your build, is your credibility.

4. I want to thank all those who supported me to post this online.

5. Here is an archive for the tweets related to this incident:

3 Responses to Egypt: I was assaulted by an activist
  1. Ayman Reply

    Dear Mohamed,

    I have learned a lot of things by dealing with people in Egypt. While people in Egypt blame the government for almost everything, the reality is that the people themselves are the ones who cause most of the negative things we find in our society.

    The Egyptian people who use blogs are no different than the average person walking in the streets of Cairo.

    For example, a lot of bloggers call for freeodom and democracy, and ending dictatorship in Egypy, but at the same time they do not practice these ideas in their personal life. For example, they do not give freedom to members of their families, they are dictators in their own homes.

    Another example is thugs and criminals. Just like we have thugs in the real world, we also have thugs in the blogs. Your recent experience with the thug called Gemyhood is a perfect example. In fact, if someone like Gemyhood became a government official, he will be a lot worse than the officials that you see today.

    Believe me, the problem in Egypt is not the government, it is the people themselves, like Gemyhood. There is no use of changing the government if people remain the same.

  2. TripleM Reply

    First I'd like to say Salamat!

    And second I'm sorry to see such unacceptable and unconcealed behaviour becoming more like trends to quite some Egyptian activists.

    And I don't think he should go away with it. It just doesn't feel right.

  3. Mohammed Maree Reply

    Engineer Mohammed,
    Hamdallah 3la Salamtac yagameel
    I wish u not be angry and disappointed in this because your response to this badly action which shown here reflect you know to be respectable and the owner of high morals
    I declared my solidarity with you full and my refusal of this way of handling from people supposed to be defender of HumanRights of others

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