Accept the other? Part One

In the past days I was enjoying the company of Artists of different kinds, music, food, photography, you can summarize it as just Art. We kept talking about Egypt and Denmark, the Egyptians and the Danes. We kept exploring each other, from different aspects. And in the same time, we mingled with average people, who might not always share the same views, or the same perspectives.

A pure Egyptian Danish couple :)

And as time kept passing by, I began to think. We always notice people talking about “the other”, accepting “the other”, communicating with “the other”, discovering “the other”. Is that expression really right? Should this expression exist in the first place? Are people around the world that different?

The Danes told me how some of them are still believing in the stereotype that Egypt is a desert with pyramids, with people travelling by camels. And I know Egyptians whose only information about Denmark is the Muhammad’s cartoons. Stereotypes stereotypes stereotypes, stereotypes everywhere and allover. If you considered a discussion starting point that every country or every country’s people believe in some kind of stereotype image of other country’s people, how will you continue the discussion about accepting?

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  1. debb Reply

    your post reminded me of the "danger of the single story" from Chimamanda Adichie. Have you ever watched it? It's perfect! I love this video :)

  2. Mai_Jeneen Reply

    Good point!
    Stereotypes are ruining our lives, people who get over stereotypes and begin holding communication with that "other" are brave enough to break their surrounding stereotypes.

    I think stereotypes keeps a person in a comfort zone, feeling that you know when you really don't. And I think that false feeling has kept many people away from each others.

    In Islam, Allah told us that he made us into nations and tribes that we may know one another.

    We must really get into knowing one another correctly.

    By the way, great photo!

    And great post too :)))

  3. Mohamed ElGohary Reply

    Thanks Debbie, nice to have you on my blog ;)

  4. Mohamed ElGohary Reply

    Thanks Mai! :)

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