Denied visa

So today I was denied entry visa to go to Spain.

I got a scholarship to attend the Mozilla drumbeat festival 3 weeks ago, taking place in Barcelona, Spain. The festival is taking place from 3 to 5 November. After preparing all the documents according to the consulate website, went to the Spanish consulate in Alexandria after a call for booking an appointment, was kept there for 3 hours waiting for handling the visa application and the papers to the Spanish Consul.
Then I called them today to be informed that the visa application is cancelled. Why? The personnel who replied said that he is not authorized to state the refusal reasons. I’m not sure if anything can be done, but this is totally ridiculous. This is a well known event hosted by Mozilla in Spain, they should be more careful to use such kinds of events to improve the Spanish image in the field of digital media.

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  1. moftasa Reply

    Did they just cancel your application or refuse you the visa?

    Schengen visas are crap anyway.

  2. Mohamed ElGohary Reply

    They said the visa is refused, no reasons disclosed, though I even had the invitation letter faxed to the consulate.

    I didn't go to the embassy in Cairo because Dakahlia residents are obligated to go to the Alex consulate.

  3. Gabriela Reply

    At least, they should give you some explanation. Just out of courtesy, don't you think?

  4. Raafatology®الأغانى للرأفتانى Reply

    They have to give you a reason?

    Financial, security, any reason

  5. Mohamed ElGohary Reply

    @Gabriela: No, no reasons. Seems like courtesy is not in their dictionary.

    @Raafat: Seems like I have to go to Alex to the consulate to know the reasons.

  6. Raafatology®الأغانى للرأفتانى Reply

    if you have an invitation, you have to find out the reasons. this could fuck up your travel plans for other country as well

  7. Mohamed ElGohary Reply

    I have an invitation, I found out they refused a guy from Kenya because they don't have evidence the invitation was true.

    Seems like the Spaniards are very afraid about their failing economy.

  8. moftasa Reply

    3ady man. Schengen countries are crap they never give a reason.

    Yalla hope you are enjoying your kindle.

  9. Mohamed ElGohary Reply

    Thanks ya basha :)

  10. Rasha Reply

    Question, why alex??
    Last time i applied for a visa for spain it was right here in cairo..yes that was years ago but..have they relocated it??
    And u should complain officially.

  11. Mohamed ElGohary Reply

    Because my passport has the Dakahlia citizenship, I called the Embassy and they said I should go to the consulate in Alexandria.

    Anyway complaint is of no use, their country is failing and they are not worth spending the money on.

    Who knows, I might be the Foreign Minister someday so I can show them some real piece of hell :)

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