The Workshops Acquired by Al Maqarr



In October 2012, I joined my very dear friend Rasha Hassan in creating a startup based on our shared dream of contributing to rebuilding the Egypt we hoped to see after the 25th of January. We shared the common passion for stuff like blogging, music, and many other little joys. We believed that education is key for the welfare of fellow Egyptians. “The Workshops” came to life. The goal was transferring skills, as our current educational system is, simply put, a waste of time.

This may not be the first time I worked in a company from its start, but it is the first time to be involved in starting one. To share ownership and responsibility. Responsibility, when you invest your own hard-earned money, changes the whole perspective where you see life. A whole new experience you can’t gain otherwise. Mistakes cost you money and give you experience.

I must say that I was privileged to invest in a startup at such a young age of 25 and privileged to learn until this moment, where all of us, the founders, are no longer able to contribute to this project.


So, after years of facing and bypassing challenges, agreements and disagreements, losses and gains, Al Maqarr, who are a long business friend of ours has acquired “The Workshops”. AlMaqarr is one of the leading coworking spaces in Egypt since 2012. It manages a solid diversified community of innovation and collaboration between startups, student organizations, social initiatives, and freelancers. I’m happy that the project will be in their good hands. Wishing you guys all the luck.

Follow “The Workshops” on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you happen to be in Cairo, give them a visit.


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