Freedom and Censorship


We are in Egypt, the country of non-freedom, the country of censorship…

u no this can be acceptable when r dealing with governmental places…we can somehow in a way or another get the point of freedom capturing, but…when u are in a place which is supposed to be a place for discussion, and u discuss the concept of freedom against governmental actions, and then this discussion is censored? you know this really sucks. This means that this supervisor is really against freedom.

I believe that if things remained like that in our dear country, we will be facing a tough bloddy revolution, maybe worse than the french revolution. Egyptian people must be encouraging each other to face governmental illegal acts, paying the price of freedom, cause we are the ones who will pay it, not the USA, not Europe, not the World General Opinion. It is just us, free Egyptians who will pay the dear high price of freedom. The freedom which will ensure and gurantee our prosperity, wealth and superiority to this world we are living in.

What makes me really upset and frustrated, when some Egyptians just like me become afraid, unable to get the courage to face our real problems instead of talking about trivial problems with trivial people. We are really heading to a catastrophe in the speed of light, I didn’t know that the governmental mentality is having some success in some minds, killing patriotism and freedom in our souls, our most precious place which is the only precious thing we have now after the devaluing of all the things we believed in within running time. Or do we just compensate our freedom in the figure of the football discussions which just go like blowing air in the air.

When women from the age of 20 to 60 are physically and sexually assaulted by the armed forces which are supposed to be protecting us from evil, and we find out that these forces protect criminals and attack the most respected people on Earth, JUDGES. All that, and when I talk about BLOGGING you just censor it? This is a crime I tell you, a crime.

I will be waiting your regret when the revolution comes, will be really waiting for it.

Replies are highly appreicated