The Final Cut

A member of the security apparatus at Tora Mahkoom prison where Kefaya activist Mohamed Sharkawy (member of youth for change) is being held in detention, has threatened him with murder, he was told that it would be really simple to inject him with a contaminated syringe and claim his death had been caused by some natural disease.
Sharkawy is being targeted by prison authorities, his hours out of his cell are shorter than those of other prisoners, detainees charged with criminal offences harass him at the instigation of state security, those who are friendly with him are themselves harassed, and he is being kept from sharing a cell with Kareem El-Shaer or even communicate with him.
Friends and family who have visited Sharkawy are deeply concerned for him, even if these threats are not serious they constitute a form of psychological torture.
Background: Mohamed Sharkawy was arrested for demonstrating in support of Egypt’s reformist judges. He has now been in detention for 90 days. While being arrested he was beaten up and sexually violated by state security officers.

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  1. saso Reply

    ya irc i read abt it but it became so typical nowadays. i meant feeling petty towards him it’s useless and it’s all we can do
    we feel defeated while we still 20 th what will we feel in 70th ?

  2. IRC President Reply

    well what i’m trying to do is spreading the news, for people to know what is going on in our country, for example in Palestine we always say it must be the leader decision and the arab support and so, but this is our own country. The feelings of responsibility mustn’t be fading by time, it must be reversed.

    I believe that preserving the feelings of responsibility and anger, if it was spread in the right away among the normal egyptian people, spreading the awareness among them, letting them know what is going on, in the means of economic influence for example, wil make them feel the importance of revolution against the epidemic injustice and corruption filling the country since King Mena.

    Yes we are still in the twentieth, but I guess we will able to do something when we face real problems in our life.

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