Friends vs Social Intelligence

Dear Soceity,
I wonder about this society I’m living in a lot, and I always think about my availability of staying in it for so long. Will I be able to stay here? At least till things erupt in this ultra-stable country? Is my character more adobted to stability? or maybe more able to adopt to constant change. I just don’t know. The state of constancy paralyze me, destroys me from inside. The problem is that how things change worries me a lot, because usually things change using undecent or injust ways. Must I be a hypocrite to be a someone inside a certain society? It is really against my nature, against my character. I have the trend of negative anger, things build up inside me till I explode. This scenario just happened exactly and till now I’m not fully aware of the consequences that resulted.
I dont know, most of the I think i did the normal right thing, in myself I think this is the best thing I did, it showed how people really react when they exposed to a 2 options test, the eternal american slogan, take it or leave it. Unfortunately, people tend to get away from complications, they remind me of the escape of the Israeli soldiers when their base was down. The defective value of escaping complications. People are weak, ignorant, easily deceived due to the eternal state of lack of information and I’m not that kind of dirty to reveal all the thing, I’m not that one who can scandalize a person unless I’m REALLY fed up. This revolunist spirit which urges me to close the door behind me and throw away the key.
“Crazy, over the rainbow, I’m crazy, bars on the window”
Listening to The Trial by Pink Floyd. The eternal song expressing the value of justice, the revolution. The shout: “TEAR DOWN THE WALL” I hear it in my dreams…I heard that Waters sang it in Israel and they was about to kick him from the country for this line. How the Judge us represented by a worm, to represent the sarcastic idea of the size of justice applied in this cruel world we are living in…The application of Justice, is it crazy to promote this application? In some cases it doesnt need jury or judge to apply the full penalty of he natural law. But…things doesnt always go like this. The power of money, fame, social position…
“Tear down the wall”
Getting away with murder, physically and emotionally. I wondered earlier about the meaning of emotional murder, separation of two living human beings, so be it a couple, a mother and her kid, or whatever method it was. It is still killing, and still it was never punished, how can a material law punish it?

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  1. saso Reply

    it’s more than killing, to kill some one u put an end to his suffering but when u take his child what can i name it? it has no name . emotional torture

    note: you’re able to stay in here as it’s the place we belong to, if u wasn’t u wasn’t to even care to think and analyze or even curse whom put us all in that enigma

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