RE-discover yourself.

Forget about the old question “Who am I?”, it seems like there’s no satisfying nor constant answer , and most of the time, there’s no answer at all, this is not about getting to know who you are, in some degree you know who you are, when you take away what you posses, the face you see in the mirror, even the friends u have & things you own, though they all contribute in shaping a part of who you are. But when you try to take all of them away, a new part of you shines, an independent you. A true you.

Have you ever wondered how people really see you!, and do they all see the same things u see about youself! How many times you looked in the mirror and saw someone else’s features, like if it was the first time to see yourself! Haven’t u once caught yourself laughing or did something strange and suddenly think like “wait a minute!! This is not like me!!”
So instead of asking “who am I” lets just twist the question this way,” HOW am I? “.

A role model of mine, once said, “To know where to go, you should ask yourself first where am I standing , and start from there, and if you don’t know exactly where are you, try to remember where were you before and what lead you to this place you are in at the moment”
the thing you could know how exactly you are , and what you can do and what you not, but sometime and all of a sudden you do or say something that couldn’t have occurred to your mind before, a hidden talent pop up in you and u didn’t know even it was there. You discover a passion for something you never would have thought it could have been you. Yeah you can say these things happen in a process called “growing up”.I don’t mean losing interest or gaining a new one.. I am talking about re-discovering yourself, all from the start again. As if you are introducing yourself to youslef as a new person..

scientists discovered that Humans use only 10% or less of their brain. Despite the fact that it is not yet discovered what exactly do we do with the rest, in cases of brain damdge there are trials to make the free cells work instead of the damdged once. This ring many bills actually, there are more of us more than we know, and all we can do is to dig in inside us and bring them inside out.

I myslef am always alert to change my routine each now and then, try to get out of my comfort zone, trying new stuff, utter than the circla I surround myself with, I thought I was in the right track until a friend of mine, once told me that I always break my routine not realizing that what I do is putting myself into an invisible box which is..”Breaking routine”.
just few days later I went to a trip with my family, it wasn’t the first time actually to go with them, but this trip made me discover many of things about me, I never recognize they were there.. Actually there were there but hidden under a dusty surface because I didn’t use them before. And there was that aching part of me want to get back to my routine, which was a huge proof that I was nowhere but inside my comfort zone.

So you might ask how this will, help me and why do I need to discover myself when I am happy with the ability that I have and I don’t want to gain more.
Well, it helps you understand yourself more and help you see things from a different angel, it can help you function better in your life, and get you to know the answer to the ever lasting question”who am I?”.

Here are some tips you they can help you to re-discover yourself:

-- Get out of you bubble. try to break your daily routine, u can start with the simplest things, like instead of burshing your teeth, look out of the window and observe Nature.

-- Enjoy your solitude. go outing al by yourself, well I know this might sound weird but try and see how your reactions are like when you go to places alone like eating in a restaurant watching people around, or just enjoying a peaceful outing with just you with no one to tell you go here or go there or sorry we got to go cuz I have an appointment.

--Get out of your comfort zone. of course each one of us has at least onething that we say. “I wouldn’t do this , NO, ..Over my dead body” do something that is extremely odd to you, get in you dead zone, believe me the results are great, you will feel a rush of atchivment running through your veins.

-- Visit new places & meet new people. go out hiking or with friends for a safari, go to places that is not common like cinemas, cafes , clubs etc,… Many people who their path turned from a loser to a huge success, said that they discovered who they are and what they really want where they were on their own in a trip or went to places in a far away land.

--lose a habit for one day. this might be interesting but annoying to others, try for an example to switch off your mobile phone for one day, or not logon to the internet, if u have a car leave it and use the bus/taxi or any mean of transportation, just for one day, because when we tend to use some objects all the time, we totally depend on them and idle some of our powers, and somehow think that we can not do without them.

u never know how good a product is until u try it.. And how wouldn’t know a device’s other option without searching, when u don’t ve its instruction booklet. u search, corrupt something and then fix it again till u know the full function of it .

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