Experience…and age.

Life…is like an Arcade Game repeated over and over again, with different themes and different ways of playing but ALWAYS with the same rules. At least within the place and time your self is living in. Your score is always increasing with experience and suffering. The suffer…which is always worth it.

You know, experience can be of all my kinds, and from my experience, it is not always connected to age. It is just how full your life is, full of real things not just full of trivial going outs with friends and shopping and other things from the same category. It is how many types of people you deal with. You realize how people can be so like each other in many ways. How can the society be a homogenous liquid with a few bubbles in it representing the exceptions which we see once a year manifested in a sign of kindness, a sign of pure feeling, a sign of innocence which gives you a hope that life is still something availabe and suitable to live in.

Life can be so tough, with people faking smiles at you, people faking good feelings to use you after that, with people want you to die to inherit. With all this media which displays all the corruped ways to do facilitate your living as something nice, trying to make it socially acceptable which is the most enemy of human being when associated with bad habits like smoking for example. The problem is that good humans who are still not affected by these destroyers, or bad humans who want to be good, self-respected humans again, must cope with these detroriorating factors. You must have a star-wars defence system inside your soul to maintain your internal stability. You internal flexibility enables you to prevent suicidal thoughts from dominating your mind, from the fear of the future, from the fear of the unknown, from the natural human fear usuall filling anyone of us.

The experience is usually intensified by living alone, you know your real self by living completely alone for a while. You don’t have to be financially independent. You know like being in a boarding school, moving to study at a distance university. Or even if you have no family members and trying to cope with living alone. You face your exposed self, your fears, your inner emotions. All your self is exposed in a non-material mirror of your own. This is the ultimate experience I’ve ever felt in my whole short life.

Other people boost that they have more experience that me just because their age is just a bit longer than mine. I don’t boast that I’m the wise man, but experience is never by age. Experience is something acquired by being exposed and how to see others exposed and dealing with this awful fact…

IRC President

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  1. daydreamer Reply

    experience connected with age?


  2. daydreamer Reply

    umm that was short anyway, yeah i agree with you that no longer age has to do with experience, its the surcumsatnces that you go through, that really shapes you, and the tougher it is, the more neat and good culputred it gets to add some extra credits than other who might be so much older than you

    how mant times we seen young people teaches younger people im not talking about who teaches the ones who cannot write and read, im talking about young men/ youth turn to be better than their won teachers.

    what has great effect on you, might differ from one person to another, depending on the personality, and the invriornment, living tottaly on your won, i think its one of the toughest thing, isolation and onesness, leave you with only you, your thought/bleieves and everythign goes with the world, maybe becasue u have no one but yourself to accompany, a wise part of you start to grow, trying handeling things on your own thought any help of anyone, even when seeking it, its indead one of the very toughest things, but somehow “im talking about me” i became tooo independant than i should be, meaning, i didnt really share my thoughts when there was someone to advice me, or even when they did, i guess my ego was way inflated, i had to blow it off, and when i did, i found more wisdom, more than the way i felt when the voice of my head was the only that is heard..
    sorry for the long comment!

  3. IRC President Reply

    No it is long at all. You are talking about myself somehow. I always tried to cope with the fact that I was always alone. With my parents both working I had a long time aloe doing self-done activities. Making me more depending on myself. I even live alone most of the year away from the family for studying circamstances. I long for a friend from time to time, from my own age, but I usually realize that most of them are not that much benefit, emotionally or at the level of thinking. I sometimes need emotional support, I declare it. But…as a boy or as a male, it is hard to ask a friend for it. You will never find a boy telling his friend I need your emotional support.

    Living without this support makes oneself more and more dependent on one’s self as you said. I even worry when I think about the fact that I will marry someday. How will I overcome this independency! The equation, or better said, the inequality. Experience, age, independency, socialism, and many many parameters that are very difficuly to handle when you make things all by your own.

    The problem is: always good minds are in awful circumstances. While shallow minds have thier needs saturated.

  4. daydreamer Reply

    YAEH i agree on the last part you said “The problem is: always good minds are in awful circumstances. While shallow minds have thier needs saturated.”

    what can i say.. i always believe in that saying “IGNORANCE IS A BLISS”

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