Such a word, how many great things happened in our world
for the sake of appreciation? How was this word the motivation for many great works? All of us always expect a word of thanking, gratitude, in short, appreciation after any good act made by us. I guess it is one of the most beautiful things on Earth, the feeling of being appreciated, maybe even more powerful than love itself.

Speaking of the other side, the negative side of appreciation. Talking about ignoring others, killing them. Many people are destroyed mentally from the first sign of non-appreciation. When we talk about some jobs depending on appreciation, the perfect example is writers. There are many other examples like musicians, actors and many others. They must be appreciated. This destruction usually leads to mental non-curable disturbance. The examples previously mentioned are the most obvious examples of negative appreciation. Once it happens, they are destroyed instantly.

Now let’s think about other minor examples, minor in appearance, but not in importance. The non-appreciated mother, father. These people give and give for no return, some internal stability keeping them from being destroyed. Keeping them giving and giving even if it is only from their point of view. Talking about dumped lovers for no reason. The list can go on for a while.

Imagine if one word of appreciation, let it be thanks, have been told to them every now and then. Imagine how many people would be happy for only this free word. Imagine if you gave up your ego a little bit and give a word of appreciation. For the humankind happiness, see what a noble idea you are working for? Imagine the happiness you will feel after an act like this?

I say thank to every person who made me the character I’m now. I say thanks to every community I joined for developing myself to the better. I thank my mother and father for supporting me even if it was by means of opposing me from their point of view. Thanks for my friends and for my so-called friends for you taught me how life can be. And finally, thanks Bassem Sabry for the Paradigm Shift idea evolution.

2 Responses to Appreciation…
  1. still breathing Reply

    yea.. it has a magical effect and never fails to boost the ego..still
    we take many things/actions for granted…
    yet not so many people deserve to be appreciated…for people to get it they must earn it.

  2. IRC President Reply

    It is related to accusing somehow, when an innocent person is accused and trialed for a 25 years he will be destroyed, but if a criminal is clamied innocent, he wont be destroyed. I see it from this perspective.

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