Every one of us in a way or another love music. Music exists in all kinds, producing all kinds of emotions. For me, sometimes a certain music explodes some stream of emotions inside me, filling me with all kinds of feelings. Happiness…sadness…hatred…love…How unstable my state becomes, my eyes become so full of tears.

These kinds are only music, no words, just melodies. They strike me as if I am a random canon food being blown up in the air…Changing directions randomly in the air…Changing my shape every moment…seeking internal stability.

How can music be so powerful like this? I even read that music composed by Mozart raises the IQ of the listener. Can music be so good to change the characters of us? Producing more respecting human beings, lessen violence in our society? Researchers must use these magical effects of music to improve humanity as a whole; it can be a science I guess. “Long live music”…

4 Responses to Music…
  1. saso Reply

    vive music
    it’s another world for me, it just make my day
    u know when u feel that it can switch your mood completely, i just smile or dance feel srrow or joy, with a background of music

  2. daydreamer Reply

    it just speaks about itslef..

  3. ma7shy Reply

    Actually I will not tell you what in my thoughts about music because it is either neurologically interesting field to search at or religional philosophies..

    but actually, music is a mode developer..
    the rhythm is potently can affect the brain activity..
    Also, the emotion recalled or developed whithin “whatever it is” get a red carpet for its enterance to the brain with no control indeed in this process.

    I realized the longer the tone the more depression to brain activity..maybe thats why we call it “sad mood songs”
    honestly everytime I “used to” get a long standing music listening I end with the mood of the songs i was listening relatively..but with a headache from that all long inputs to my brain..& a slight depression for unknown reason i am used to express it “brain hear-tburn”

    :S:S:S:S:S I swear I had no intention to talk neurologically even I wanted to avoid that…but here is my mind slip.


  4. IRC President Reply

    No problem dude, actually y post graduate dream is neuro-engineering ;p

    Anyway I’m currently into music these days, more than songs. This songs depression used to add to my actual depression in the last 3 years of my life, but currently I feel like I need music, to make more focused and concerned on my everyday life.

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