New Nuclear Era

Egypt officials announced that Egypt will enter the era of Nuclear energy after decades of waiting for it. I don’t know what are the reasons for this acceptance, or let me say debating from the Egyptian government, and what is more astonishing the international, let me say, happiness by this project. USA, and then comes France? What are the reasons? Nothing.

Is there something disasterous planned against us? Is there any hygienic hazard from this project? Will it be in Sinai? There are many things we don’t know and probably we won’t know about this government. And again we are not doing anything.

Must we wait until we die from radiation to move? What if a disaster happens? The problem here is that the disaster will not be narrow ranged, it might affect the whole country.

God save this country. Egypt prevails.

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  1. ayman_elgendy Reply

    as many failed projects egypt has entered….nuclear energy experts expect this project to fail too..

    cost one nuclear energy may cost 3 billions

    needs continous support from government which is ever lasting disadvantage in our government managing system…to follow up

    its hazads is catastrophic…may leads to disasters if not well controlled

    briefly…as usual it is failing projjects from random goverment

  2. IRC President Reply

    Your points are totally right, you can also see it from another perspective. Why at this moment would Gamal Mubarak debate this project? and the sudden USA and France approval?

    Is anything normal? I don’t think so. I think there is something happenning behind our backs, something harmful to the Egyptians as a whole. Rabena yostor.

  3. saso Reply

    that timing point which really took my attention, why now, why us
    ok, let’s drop that eternal conspiracy theory for a sec

    it just need a huge prudences and huge governmental support, and as we all know this goverment just do the first move or the corner stone and let the whole project to fail
    so it’ll just bunch the project of toshky which fallen nowadays, and the project of that stupid mobile network
    why that persistence of wasting those funds on nonsence

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