How many times did you wish that you are an invisible person, swimming in the sea of people with no possibility of being noticed, in the positive or negative side. Imagine how free you will be…
No one will ever criticize you, no one will laugh at you. The absolute freedom vs the absolute solitude. You sing loudly with no one caring, getting out all your emotions, all your suffer, all your pain, all your happiness, all your joy. Jumping, dancing, screaming…Everything is for free, no cost.

Is it really for no cost…

Everything has its bad sides you know. You will miss care, love, the shoulder to cry on…Lonliness…Fear…

Can you just balance the two before it is too late, to stabilize your character, to reform your internal stability, to control your head. The human will is so powerful when fully used. You can say goodbye to anything, you can commit to anything. You can live with anything, you can let go of anything…The fabulous human will which changes one’s self 180 degrees then sometimes to another 180 degrees, going back in the same road.

Immortality of ideas…

3 Responses to Invisibility
  1. sarah la tulipe rose Reply

    yes somtimes i wished to be invisible but i fell it was kind of escaping from facing my society and realy if i become invisible i will miss my visiblity cause u will never feel care and contact with other people
    we will never be satisfied and convinced with the preson we are we wish to be \invisible to escape ourselves sometimes

  2. IRC President Reply

    It is sad that happiness is never perfect

  3. توتة توتة Reply

    i wished to be invisible and visible mean have two options

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