What do you want to change here?

That was the main concept here in paradigm shifters.. how to make life better. that was the most attractive thing here clearly we’re all depressed we all know that we’re drowning as a country, some of us went a little far and said we drowned already and that hope we’re talking about is just a dream
Irc and I had a little chat about those things we wanna fix or displace from Egypt astonishingly it wasn’t that much we thought it would be
it’s hard and sometimes complicated and so ideal but still conceivable

For me it’s all about the way we manage concepts,, whatever you discuss try not to loose the optimistic spirit.. here i’m not talking about the pinky world i’m just talking about HOPE.. try to keep some hope in your heart of a whole new Egypt, and a whole new you

P.S, i’m passing the question to you,what do you want to change here ? ok that was about things you want to change in Egypt, now reread the question again and tell me What do you want to change here? in you!!

another P.S, as Irc started to post in Arabic which made me really happy. i think we gonna post in Arabic for a while

3 Responses to What do you want to change here?
  1. Anonymous Reply

    here in egypt
    i want one thing
    i want the ideas of people to get closer i hope no much unfruitful differences
    u know i beleive in team work
    in organizations
    i hope that people start to work together not to be that selfeh

  2. saso Reply

    you got the main point
    people ,, it’s all about people not about the technology itself or natural resourses it’s a bout morals
    that team work is the spirit we wanna assure here
    tell us your thoughts and we tell you ours.. that’s where will we find that line we wanna adopt

  3. IRC President Reply

    The matter of respect, the pure human respect which is entirely absent in all our conversations. Even in something which is supposed to be respectful like Arabic talk shows, none respect none (even when respect is here it is only from one side only).

    This is directly connected to oppression. Feeling oppressed always lead to the self feeling of weakness. High voice to prove one’s view as an end result.

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