The family – Bringing up – Development

The family is an important factor in building the child and preparing him/her for the exposure to the outer world, though not the most important factor overall. But it is the most important role in the period when the family are the only experience the child should get.

When a baby is born, every feeling, every action, everything happen from the moment of birth, is translated to a trace in building the character, be it positive or negative. When we realize this perspective, we find the family in a very critical situation. Specially when we put several factors which the family usually want ( I’m talking about the Egyptian family). The child must always obey their parents in everyway, usually without considering the child’s need. Eat more, eat less, go out a little, don’t go out with this, with that, to all this commands. These commands are usually for preventing the feeling of guilt towards their children. They want to feel towards themselves that they were the perfect parents, which usually results in the complete opposite. Why do we see many phenomena spreading like fire in the wood in our society. Triviality, fear, negativity, whatsoever.

We always claim that the youth are the hope of the nation, well this is something you don’t need to prove in a society with more than its half under 15 years old, it makes me laugh really. The problem is: they always TALK about it. WHERE ARE THE ACTIONS?

Parents do what they think they are supposed to do, they try to raise their children like their own way or the complete opposite way without considering that every child is a case, every child has its feelings, its character.

A child wants to do something or don’t want to do something. The parent usually concentrate on achieving doing or not doing, while not paying any kind of attention to what does this something aim to. Leading to negative decisions, whatever the intention of the parents were. These negative decisions can be very dangerous or applying fruitful stress, but you can’t predict. Why can’t we make the probabilities of building a better character higher.

Be nearer to your children, try to be the best for them, not always by money, understanding them will mean the most for them. Do this not only for your children, but for your nation, for your development.

“And the truth is there is something terribly wrong with this country, isn’t there? It needs hope.” Says V.

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  1. e-nadaha Reply

    kalam gamed awe awe..
    i won’t brag and say how great a parent i am..:P
    but every and each word u wrote here is true..
    we should be involved more and more in our kids’lives.
    in the way it would benefit them..not us!
    great post:)

  2. IRC President Reply

    Thanks very much for your comment :)

  3. Maryanne Stroud Gabbani Reply

    My husband died when our children were 19 and 16. He was considered a very good father by most people. An Egyptian, he provided well, sent them to the best schools. But he and I sometimes had some rather hot words together because I used to tell him that the main thing that children need from their parents is time. That is the one thing that money cannot buy. He was just starting to figure out that I was right.

    Good post.

  4. IRC President Reply

    Thank you for your visit :)

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