Yesterday I went to the Culture wheel to attend a concert to some Arabic rock band called ElSohbageya, meaning in Arabic being friends or something near to it. The band is formed from Hamed, Kelma, ElSadgh and the others. I met several bloggers like Still Breathing and Maat and others. It was really nice, though I liked the music better. The sound system of the Wheel sucks as usual, I wish if they are ever better. Also the voice of Ibtihal who came for a small part of the concert was really great, the sound system made her voice so slow that it was hardly listened.

Anyway, I thought it was held at 7 in the first place so I was kinda early, I was supposed to meet a friend at downtown at 6:30 (I found out after that it was at 8), the thing is that friend came along at 7:30. The band was cool after all (though I’m not a big fan of Arabic music). I was really astonished to know that the Wheel always claimed a less number of tickets in order to raise their profits (not giving the band their rights), too bad really for an important place like this.

This reminds of how our Mr. Clean (Nazif) would always play with the economical reports to say that we are the best country in the world and that all the idiots in the world send their money to us as investments. While the country is grasping for spending the money in its right locations.
Always the Wheel had faults in the system or in the light, I guess if they had a better system and had a larger stage, it would make a really far respected name for bands. We go again on money spending and so.

Anyway, I guess next event if so much bloggers are coming then there must be a way to tell. :D
Longing for the next event…

Replies are highly appreicated