Thursday’s Message to Mubarak

I was walking in the YouTube city and found out about this amazing person. I saw all the videos he uploaded. Addressing Mubarak with all kind of comedy (esp black comedy). What a weapon the internet can be to a regime like this. Very effective really.

V fighting his last enemies

If you saw V for Vendetta, you will compare these videos to the role of Gordon Dietrich in the movie, when he made fun of the High Chancellor Adam Sutler, the same thing.

Gordon Dietrich

At first when I saw that movie, I thought that we might needed the person himself, but after some analysis, I now realize that V already exists in the people. And as Mr. Finch said, all what V wants is chaos. And then…something stupid happens, when it become worse. And then, only then, people will move…

Chief Inspector Finch

When will come the day when the Scarlet Carson is put in the pocket of this regime, I hope I will see this day.

V with Adam Sutler just before Sutler’s Death, putting the Scarlet Carson in his pocket.

Egypt prevails.
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  1. Sharm Reply

    Funny !

  2. IRC President Reply

    Yea, very.

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