Who knows the best?

Many Egyptian students in University face this situation a lot. A decision made by the professor or the lecturer or whosoever which is made by the name of General Benefit. False use however. For example a few days ago we had an exam, the timing of the exam was long for me personally, it was like 1.5 hours. This timing was determined by the professor and everything is cool. THen after the half-time the tutor responsible for supervising us during the exam made a personal decision that the exam timing will be less by 15 min. Just like that. The whole 100 examined student raored of course, but still with negative reaction from the tutor that every one talking will have his exam cancelled and this shit.

And then they talk about political activity and WTF they say about this and all this shit complaining from the youth. This is really idiotic.

Then came the Biochemistry lecture which came ironically just after the biosensors exams. We had a good deal of information and all. After like 2 hours and after it by 5 min we were supposed to have another 4 hours Data Sturctures lecture which on its own can consume the whole week energy or something. The Biochemistry doctor still wanted to go on after the official timing of the lecture ignoring our calls for ending it to take a 5 min rest. Still he insisted to continue telling us that we were a nuisance and so. And in the end he told us that the rest of the chapter will not be explained in the lectured and will be included in the next exam after 4 days.

I really don’t know then why the heck do these people complain from the government when you professors act like this. Unless you were corrupted like them. You are just another image of this terrorist government. The examples are countless. Fuel prices sudden rising. All elections. All major decision concerning other people like pensioners for example.


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  1. micheal Reply

    نموذج سيء للطبقه المثقفه
    تحياتي لك

  2. IRC President Reply

    هي بالنسبالي الطبقة إللي في إيدها مستقبلي، إللي في إيدها سلطة

    حوار الثقافة ده أنا مش مؤمن بيه، حوار إن العلم والواسطة هما إللي يخليك في المنصب ده، مش أي حاجة ثانية

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