A year passed unnoticed

I just found out that a year passed on my blogging experience, if I can call it an experience. I began blogging in 22th of April, 2006. After that, blogging just embraced me time after time, transforming myself from other online activity sharing. Many of us maybe liked forums, making personal sites for a few percentage. But blogging? Way different.

Of course people made of it sometimes, warned me from the “government” sometimes, attacked me for it sometimes…

But who cares, ALL these people are now gone, with the most annoying phrase in the world: I love you. If all is loved, where will hate go then? Commit suicide? Human are so ridiculous sometimes.

Pink Floyd are really genius, like they sometimes actually tell me what do in certain situations. Like in “Breathe” for example.

The problem with forums, is that they are usually biased and more dictator. You are literally controlled by the moderators and administrators. The control which produce a certain type of members to continue in this forum or another, which usually never cross the lines made by those who run the forum . So, they “make” their forums in a way or another, like their own place. Though, the forum is nothing without their members, what a closed circle.

Blogs are free, universal, standardized. A sign of a good future really, esp with the maturation of blogs from being personal time after time through sister services like Twitter for example.

Anyway, the aim of this post is to thank all the special people I knew through blogging, thank you very much for being you and nothing else. Thanks for your real care. Just thank you for everything.

6 Responses to A year passed unnoticed
  1. Epitaph Reply


    well… you said it all!

    and wish you more happy blogging years to come!

    e7na mosh 7anshrab 7aga hena wala eh :D

  2. IRC President Reply

    لأ إزاي؟ شربات يا عثمان :D

    ِAnd I wish the same to you :), thanks for your visit.

  3. Qwaider قويدر Reply

    Happy Bloggoversary

  4. IRC President Reply

    Thanks man :)

  5. Eno.. Reply

    koll sana wenta tayeb ya GooG..

  6. IRC President Reply

    wenty tayeba my dear :)

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