Round 3 of Judge Murad

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This round was hilarious really. For the history for the case you can read this for more information.

I arrived at the court-house at exactly 9 am. This is the first time I attend this case, I didn’t know they will consume so much time for nothing. Then some bloggers came one by one. I was really pleased to meet them.

Anyway the cases roll began from like 10:30, then we were informed that Murad case will be in the end of the roll. This was so annoying really. In the beginning Murad made a long speech about his books and how they are so much and famous, blah blah blah. He mentioned how these books are famous worldwide and they are the textbooks for several university abroad and all this non-sense. And I really want to mention that his voice was high, but not the highest, I will mentioned why later.

Then came the government’s lawyer who again repeated the talk about the difficulty of monitoring (I really wanted to mention the word surveillance) the sites and then blocking the non-appropriate material in it.

Then came the two lawyers who attended the Kareem law-suit and attacked the bloggers in general, claiming that all bloggers attacked Islam and they are “garatheem” (germs in Arabic). He was really funny. Even of the Judge’s assistances in the court room was about to laugh, he was hardly stopping himself from laughing. The bearded lawyer voice was really high, reminding me of War scenes in Arabic movies, I was expecting something like KILL the BLOGGERS or something.

Murad entered the show again mentioning that these sites and blogs were a threat to National Security and to ethnic stability blah blah blah. I want to mention that Judge repeatedly asked Murad and the two Islamic lawyers to focus on the case and stop scattering into other unrelated issues, more than five times. (God they have the guts).

While the case was paused for consultation, Malek talked with the bearded Islamic lawyer about another incident which is also connected to Murad, a law-suit of verbal assault accusing Alaa and Manal from and Gamal Eid. In the testimony of that lawyer, Manal was in the the court house verbally assaulting Murad, but ironically, she was not in the court house in the first place.

Anyway the case was postponed to June 9, will be waiting for what is happening.

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  1. Alaa Reply

    manal was in Cairo, she just wasn’t in court at the same time murad or the 7esba lawyers where.

  2. IRC President Reply

    Sorry for the confusion :). Edit done.

    Thanks for your visit

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