The right, the left and the revolution.

Change, change, change. All good Egyptians need change, want to change things. The ultimate question is how.

There is a problem within certain people, like political analysts that they want to perform some pre-done political series of actions for the sake of prediction or to explain what is going in this county. I’m not talking mainly about history, I’m talking more about politics as a science.

Egypt is facing a grave future, prices are going high in a tremendous scale, consequently some kind of social crisis appear in a lot of families due to the destruction of the important middle-class. Still, corruption is everywhere. NDP is controlling everything, while waiting if GM was going to make a new party or something, it is a trend in Egyptian post-1952 history.

I want freedom, democracy, clean and optimized government power, the power which is use for the sole benefit of the people.

The only positive factor in the development in any nation is justice. When justice is applied correctly, nothing can be positive. Even freedom of speech can’t be applied with justice doesn’t prevail. This is what we suffer in Egypt, justice is destroyed with power in the hands of corruption.

While analysts try to ideologize present Egyptian state (if ideologize is a correct expression), some are trying to compare the labour activism to left wing activism. Some say that Egyptians will not make a civil revolution. I do know that the term civil revolution is a very hard expression, to imagine and to perform. But I also know that western democracies, early (right wing usually) and last (left wing usually) ones suffered much easier circumstances that the Arab World. The problem with the Arab World is that they are the center of political goals. Petrol on top. While late democracies in Europe were supported usually from non-national forces, or in other words the earlier democracies, the late democracies in Latin America faced the dangers of the Military throw-outs.

But what I think, we can never receive support from European countries, let alone the US. Chirac for example always supported the governments against the will of the majority, while the new Sarkozy is supposed to be the French example of Tony Blair. We will never get external support. And we have enough of military interference since 1952, all the goals planned now returned to their zero-positions, even worse. We never faced this amount of debts before 1952.
I mentioned France because it is supposed to the most Arab supporting country (the Iraq example).

People are facing economical catastrophes in ALL labour activities, and with labour here I mean not only factory workers (though they are the most active), but I mean doctors, engineers, normal employees. People are starting to imagine how they will continue living like this. Let alone having enough money to marry for example. (Savings).

So if the financial curve went down in this rate, I guess the 1977 food riots will happen again in a way larger scale, with more violence, and chaos.

Replies are highly appreicated