What my birthday means.

You tend to charm strangers easily. And you usually can get what you want from them.Verbally talented, you tend to persuade people with your speaking and writing.You are affectionate and loving, but it’s hard for you to commit to any one relationship.Your strength: Your charmYour weakness: Your extreme manipulation tacticsYour power color: IndigoYour power symbol: Four leaf cloverYour power month: December

Your Birth date: July 12

You’re a dynamic, charismatic person who’s possibly headed for fame.
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  1. Sampateek Reply

    يا سيدي يا سيدي
    ده مين ده اللي مولود في اليوم السعيد ده
    انا شخصيا مواليد ديسمبر

    كل سنة و هو او هي طيبين

  2. IRC President Reply

    وإنت بالصحة والخير والسلامة :)

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