SS – Privacy – Terrorism.

Security State or in other words, SS forces. (Ironically, the same expression – SS – was used in the Nazi era. How can people deal with each other in the same aspect the SS forces deal with supposedly dangerous people.

Every one of us when we were children we were always told the famous phrase: “El Asfora Aletly” (meaning the bird told me, the bird expression in that time was used to describe people working as informers to the SS).

This feeling became so overwhelming, giving that somebody the feeling that he is in control, and then I control you due to the information I have about you. No matter how much this is invading to privacy, if this is annoying, embarrassing or whatever. All that matters is that I have information and then I will do with you whatever I want.

In Egypt everyone and everything is watched. On-line activity is watched before any other mean of communication, be it telephones, faxes or whatever. In the same time, parents especially and people in general, tend to watch closely people whom they care for them (whether that care is emotionally or for a specific reason), intentionally or not. In the emotional case it maybe due to over protection. But anyway, this feeling of power from the someone who watches, reflects to a feeling of hatred from the watched person. How can someone whoever was can invade my privacy without my personal allowance. I don’t know really how will they act when someone watches them closely.

In the end I want to point out to an article which was wrote by the Egyptian journalist/blogger Wael Abbas, read it and comment if you want. I really wish that American tax-payers understand that they actually finance terrorism, the worst form of it, government terrorism.

Replies are highly appreicated