Monem’s Safety and Life is in Danger!


It’s 4:25am Cairo time now…. Moneim has been finally released, after he was taken to Alexandria’s State Security Police HQ in el-Fara’ana District. He arrived home around an hour and half ago. No details available yet about what happened during the day he spent in the custody of Mubarak’s Gestapo prior to the release.

Monem’s Safety and Life is in Danger!

Egyptian blogger Monem, whose release was ordered on May 30 by general prosecutor after 46 days imprisonment in Southern Cairo Torah prison was deported from prison at 2pm yesterday May 31st. Mr. Islam Lotfy, Monem’s lawyer, contacted us now from Cairo saying Monem was able to have someone call him and pass a message of his whereabouts as he moved.

Mr. Lotfy said Monem arrived Beheira governorate at 9pm, then arrived Ministry of Interior Transfers Department in Alexandria city at 3am today June 1st.

While Monem was able to pass a third message to his lawyer confirming he is inside Alexandria Transfers Department, security officials denied he ever appeared at their premises and Monem’s lawyers were dismissed.

“It is illegal to keep Monem for more than 24 hours after his release. I am worried Monem is being subject to re-interrogation by State Security, or even torture and re-detention” Says Mr. Lotfy.

Monem’s ordeal has been going on for 48 days now since his arrest on 15 April 07. His arrest came after giving a public torture testimoney during a human rights conference and also after posting his torture testimoney on his bog. Among the prelimenary charges for his arrest were “associating with Human Rights organisation in an effort to soil the image of the regime” and “discrediting the authorities by accusing them of routinely using torture in local police prisons”. Read more on charges against Monem here.

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