Updates on War on Bloggers


Rights lawyer Gamal Eid was notified last night his interrogation (originally scheduled today Tuesday 1oam) by the Abbassiya Prosecutor, on charges of libel and blackmail, part of the fabricated accusations Judge Abdel Fattah Mourad filed against Gamal and others, was postponed indefinitely.
Blogger Amr Gharbeia, however, was notified he is to be interrogated on Saturday.

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  1. micheal Reply

    I think the government is only afraid of bloggers linked wz Muslim brothers and kefaya
    best wishes 4 u

  2. IRC President Reply

    I don’t know if this comment is relevant, I don’t get your point here. This thing is between Murad, and Human Rights NGO and Bloggers. So mainly there are 2 cases.

    If you find the links referring to the case, you will find till now in the case against the blogs and sites, the government is supposed from Murad perspective to block the blogs, when in the mean time the government’s lawyer defended against this law-suit due to technical reasons.

    If a blog is wanted to be blocked by the government, and this is rare, the SS interfere, no need for the law-suit.

    Like here for example


  3. ياسمين Reply

    ربنا يستر علينا كلنا
    بس الحمد لله انا مش باكتب فى السياسة خااااااااااااالص
    فقدت الأمل والى كان كان

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