4 Responses to In the name of law, catch that theif
  1. Dev Dharam (Darla) Reply

    i’ve been reading your blog and i appreciate your dialog and observations. i’ve been living in egypt now for 6 months and you’re insight is sharp. though i absolutely don’t approve of plagiarism, as i am an artist and avoid placing much of my work on the web in fear of having it ripped off. My only consolation to you is that your eloquence should be commended that someone would go so far as to take your words and use them as their own.

  2. IRC President Reply

    I really thank you for your comment :)

  3. micheal Reply

    للاسف مصر مغيهاش حمايه للملكيه الفكريه بشكل كافي خصوصا لو ع النت

  4. IRC President Reply

    عشان كده أنا بكتب البوست :)

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