A tag about my blogging.

A tag from Sha2loob :

1) What is your blog name?

2) Why did you choose it? What is the purpose of choosing it?
Because I like writing in politics and fields related to it.

3) Did you ever think about closing your blog? Why?
No, I never thought of that. Because I think that closing a blog is a very silly decision whatever the reasons behind it.

4) The picture in my blog, and the meaning of its symbolism?
It is from my favourite movie, V for Vendetta. You got to see it :).

5) Why did you enter blogging?
Because I had a big dream of mine to choose a place where I can publish my political writings. Specially with a place like Egypt where it is very hard to publish politics in the teens media (since political students I guess are the most dangerous, maybe due to their effect in everyday life. The most active political activity in the Egyptian history was usually originated by students. Even in France, I remember how a law connected with labour issues was cancelled due to massive demonstrations against it.

6) Any importance for comments from your point of view?
Of course comments are very important to me, but it does not depress me if there is no comments, since my posts are not that personal usually. Maybe they are considered as articles in a newspaper more than a personal opinion. This is when I don’t blog about personal stuff.

7) Best post you wrote, with a link and why?
I guess there is nothing called the best piece for a writer unless he stopped writing for a reason or another.

8) Best post you read, again with a link and why?
Best in what scope exactly? You can not compare an emotional post with a post talking about physics for example.

9) What is the best blog you read?
Same reply to the previous question.

10) Ever saw any impudent comment? What was your reaction?
I saw radical replies sometimes, but I always discuss. Though I confess I sometimes become violent :D.

11) Worst blog you ever read?
A lot, esp radical blogs. Specially leftist radical blogs, religious radical is second, in any religion. (With noticing that radical Islamism to me is very different that fundamentalist Islamism. Since fundamentalism is sometimes a huge misconception used by western thinkers and imitated blindly by eastern, or in other words, Arab thinkers)

12) What will happen to your email after you die?
I don’t know, depends on what happen before I die. Maybe I will give it to those who are the closest to my heart before it. So that I an be that great person LOL.

13) Did you ever give your password to anyone before?
I have like 10 passwords or something, which password exactly do you mean?

14) What is the kind of relation between you and him/her?
See above.

15) What is your real name?
Not to be disclosed.

16) What are you known with among your friends?
Refer to above.

17) Your character type?
Thinker. Effective when becoming an enemy to somebody, usually not dirty. Emotional to close friends.

18) Travelling for you?
A constant activity.

19) What do you do in your freetime?
Reading. Computers.

20) Your mood?
Stable, I’m not a moody person.

21) Favourite kind of food?
a) Fatoosh and Taboolah (Lebanese salads)
b) Grilled meat. (Esp when I do it)
c) French fries. (Only when I do it :P)

22) What did you inherit from your father?
Rough way of discussion with people close to me (Trying to change it as long as I can)

23) Your mother?
Good leader (Not always)

24) What are the most six things you like?
Computers. Books. Food. Sleeping. Walking by the Nile. Art.

25) What are the most six things you hate?
Bad media. Injustice. Triviality. Politics when connected with money and Arm/Drug dealing. Ignorance in ALL scopes.

26) What is work for you?
Responsibility and money.

27) Internet for you?

28) Tag who?
Anyone who will read this.

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    Interesting answers

    mohamed, i have a little party in my blog. we finally launched the site of abna2 masr, would like to invite you there.

  3. IRC President Reply

    I just don’t know if I will be able to be in Cairo that day or not. Rabena yesahel :)

  4. saso Reply

    wish u achieve the idea of publishin uor thoughts,, i was to be your first reader, u know i like your posts much

    the slogan. never change it :)
    mm best post loogic is nice too

    what else… mmmmmmmmmmm
    envy u abt stable issue is a must

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    Thank you safy, please come again soon :).

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