A 12 year old boy die from torturing in an Egyptian Police station

WARNING: This post contains shocking pictures, not to be viewed for those under 18 years old.

I was shocked to see this news at Wael Abbas. For several days now I wondered who will have the power to translate this atrocity. Especially while viewing the horrible crimes committed on the body of the, now deceased, 12 year old.

This innocent boy entered the police station alive and left it as a dead body with all the signs of torture and pain. The following pictures are really shocking and appalling, so people with a light heart should heed my warning.

The minister of interior affairs’ assistant denies all that has happened, the photos that follow show such claims to be a lie.

The official report said that Mohamed Mamdouh did not have any signs of torture on his body, and that the cause of his death was due to heart failure

However, his body suffered from burns, fractures, serious injuries from electric shock to his buttocks and his testicles

These photos were taken 12 hours before his death.

Mohamed’s mother says:

My son went to the police station safe and sound. They cut open my son’s side in the station. Captain Sayed from Mansoura’s station is the one who took him from our home with 4 detectives to the police station. I shouted in the station so the police commissioner sent my son to the Chest Hospital. The doctor said, “This boy has undergone an operation”. My son had an operation in the station? The boy’s body is full of burns, and his back is broken. I sent him to the University Hospital. They said his back was opened in a wrong way and after that they kicked him out.

The Hospital sent the boy with a special car to the Mansoura microbus station “ElDerasat”. He was thrown out of the car, nearly dead, and some people passing by him took him to his home. He has been in this condition for the past two days. What will I do? I know no VIPs to ask for help and I sold everything I have. I’m heavily in debt, I have 5 children and I’m facing being jailed in any moment for this debt. His brother Ibrahim Mamdouh is still in the station. They will do to him what they did to his brother. Everybody in the station suffers likewise, my son and others’ sons. What will I say after my sons are gone? Since my husband’s death, no one supports me, I’m in debt and I’m always humiliated.

When I left him in the hospital they kicked him out. They said they kicked him out because he was cutting the mattresses. Is he able to move in the first place to cut the mattresses? He says: “The male nurse put me in the car and they threw me in the microbus station. Some kind man gave me a ride to “Mahallet Demna”. And another kind man gave him a ride by the toc toc (a motorcycle used as a small taxi, commonly used in the country side) to home”. “Someone told me your son is in the chest hospital”, she continues, “I went to the male nurses they told me it is not allowed to sit with him because this is the Heart Section”.

This is an electricity burn, his backbone is broken, and his side is cut wide. Are there operations done in the police station? The chest hospital kicked him out. The physician in the university was astonished, “This is not an operation, someone hit him with something”, he said. Please God have revenge from all the police service in that station. I don’t have anything to sell. I don’t have a bathroom and I get water from outside.

I don’t know what to say, I don’t know how can the tax-payers around the world agrees that their countries support dictators around the world while they call for democracy and human rights. See what is the result of this support? The photos say enough.

In the end I’d like thank my friend for helping me in editing this translation.


I found out about a video, an interview with the mother, in arabic

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