Dictatorship…but among who?

Dictatorship, something which most human beings in our world suffered from in a time or another when talking about regimes. All people know or feel how does it look like to fall under the burden of a dictator of some sort or another. But here, I am not talking about it while dealing with regimes usually supported by the west. Here I’m talking about people. The reflections of cruelty and injustice, intolerance and oppression, on the people, and what does it lead to. About the results. As a universal law, every action has a reaction, equal in magnitude and opposite in direction. This eternal physical law can be applied on people while still being politically correct.

I sometimes think of the pyramid, its miraculous effect. Egyptians for me are always the golden top of the pyramid, shining and teaching others. Egyptians among themselves are a some kind of pyramid too. The head of state is always considered more important than the rest of the pyramid, it is built in gold. The base is there, although supposed to be the more important, but they usually sacrifice their importance for others, be it for the head of state, or for non-Egyptians in the first pyramidal model I explained previously.

To be direct to the point, I talk about communities, any community in our society. Any successful community begins with the humble team work spirit, with all the members working for some aim, they are equal, they form the base of the pyramid successfully. The project is growing, begins to get its rewards. Then…the golden top appears. Intentionally or not, I sometimes observe it as something which became natural in ourselves due to the ancient period of combined monarch-police state we lived since the era of Pharaohs till now with some short different times in the political system. I observed that, sometimes we need a dictator in our daily lives, in our activities. Or let me phrase it in a different way. A dictator evolves when a certain project exists in life. This project is always beautiful in a stage or another, then comes its downfall. Why is it usually like this? (I say usually because there is always some exception to assure the rule). This dictator refuses all other opinions, but to make things worse, there are supporters. While still there a minority who try to make things better, they fall again under the usual burden of intolerance and oppression. The first two wings for fascistic behaviour. In communities of course it is not like fighting fascistic regimes, so people who tried to express other opinions just leave, leaving this project or community to fall, wasting many valuable opportunities for changing something in the society, this society which is extremely resistive for civil changes coming from itself, while extremely accepting all what comes from outside, being it a human dictator or a cultural dictator.

Just a last note, never lose hope…

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