Intelligence – Justice – Freedom

The Ultimate three factors for any righteous leader in any society to be the ultimate hero in any country. How to be intelligent enough to understand, and obviously to judge, what is going on around him. To apply justice on what he understand to know what is the right action and what is the right reaction. And to be free to do what he intends to do.

These words are not just words, they are perspectives. In an oppressed country like Egypt, there are general aims, general goals. There is no need to apply rational judgements and opinions on them, they are clear. The target is treating the human as a human being, not as a slave or a part of a motor creating the same image on and on again. The same idiot, hypocrite, and numb image who is supposed to eat, drink, have children and die.

When you are Free to use your Intelligence to apply Justice, it will be obvious that oppression, intolerance, and other evil actions always lead to negative results.

Free your way of thinking, let it be justifiable, and most important of all, don’t be an idiot.

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