Socialists Day and Tax-collectors protestsٍ

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From Nora Younis (Arabic)

Todays protest for tax-collectors was cancelled under the effect of this offer after a long discussion between State Security, Minister of Finance and the tax-collectors leaders:

1. Two months would be paid before the coming Eid (before the next Sunday and Monday)

2. The minister would meet with a committee from the protestors just after the Eid (23 and 24 December) to manage the bonuses for the tax-collectors.

3. Today a conference is to be held for the heads of the tax-collectors authorities with the attendance of the minister and a cimmittee from the protestors. The minister is to announce the points of the deal to all of them.

4. No protestor would be punished or harrassed by the security forces or by the management.

5. All the strike days must be considered working days.

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