Resources and its use.

Resources are the basic unit of development in any country. The first responsibility of any government is to manage these resources for the benefit of their people. There is a concept which is supposed to classify different countries democratically, which is: “People shouldn’t be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people”. The more this concept is achieved, the more this resources management has the opportunity to be optimized.

While in the countries where the people are afraid of their governments, the outcome of this resource management (I will call it RM for simplicity) is almost always to finance the corruption heads and to maintain the corruption needed for the stability of the fascist government. This is done on the local level inside the country or internationally in the mutual deals in and out of the country. Leading in the end to some form of resources draining (I will call it RD).

RD is then observed equally in the local society. The rate of family support increases due to normal increasing unemployment. Acting under the urge of self-benefit ignoring any ethical value, leading to a social collapse. This social collapse usually affect the responsible government itself due to the increase rate of crime and violence. Controlled corruption to uncontrolled corruption. The state which can not be maintained for long.

Then in the end of the day, chaos for all, under the effect of some stupid act.

Normally when there is no external support this types of governments fall really fast. But these governments enjoy the unlimited external support by financial and military aid by many western countries. Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran in the Shah era, AlQa’eda in the USSR era, the list is open. This problem also goes internationally in the form of terrorism, and ironically the so-called democratic governments fight terrorism and supporting it.

“Fairness, Justice and Freedom are more than words, they are perspectives.”

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