Six things you should do before you turn 18 (Tag)

I was tagged by my friend Rasha, I don’t know really if I can answer it (since it was 3 years since I was 18), but I will try to answer it anyway :D.

Here are the rules:
1. You should state six things you should do before you turn 18.
2. This tag must be referred to 6 friends
3. A comment must be left on each of these friends.

What I should have done before turning 18:

1. Never let anyone, including your parents to force you to choose a certain career. It is totally frustrating. If you don’t live a miserable life then you will do what you wanted anyway, so why losing your resources(of time, nerves, effort, money, etc) of like 4 or 5 or 6 years studying.

2. Related to the previous point, do what activities you want (sports, music, read) as long as “YOU” know that you are balancing your time, also don’t take your parents too seriously on that you must Study 100 hours a day since in the end of the day you will end up like any other normal average student and you will be to blame in the end.

3. Try to live alone for sometime, this will give you a heck of experience you can’t ever get by any other mean. It will also teach you the meaning of responsibility

4. Look for work in your vacations, work in anything. It has endless benefits. First of all is life experience. Maybe you can find something more appealing to you than the career you dream of, or you may find yourself more successful in. Also you will get money to do whatever you want away from the pocket money :P.

5. Be yourself with dealing with your mates, don’t do anything just for the sake of looking “cool” or “popular”. Developing your skills or your natural talents by hobbies or work is the thing which will give you all the confidence you want.

6. Languages. Languages empower your imagination, your linguistic skills, your chances of success in your career, your contacts. Just learn what you thing is fine. Learning languages (must be followed by practicing it is really a best value for money.

I tag Dev, Hero, SunShine, Emania, Shaghaf, Saso.

4 Responses to Six things you should do before you turn 18 (Tag)
  1. rasha Reply

    WOW…and u didn’t know what to say??!!! man ur great…just great :)

  2. Mohamed ElGohary Reply

    Thanks dear Rasha :)

  3. David Reply

    Hello there! I found your post through the Blogrush widget, and as an 18-year-old myself, I have to say I can definitely identify. Great advice. Keep up the great blogging!

  4. Mohamed ElGohary Reply

    Hey there David, I visited your blog and I find really some great common like between us in the way of thinking :). I guess we should have some chit chat :D

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