Public opinion formation and radicalism

After the last humanitarian catastrophe happening in Palestine, public
opinion in Egypt has been scattered between the reflection of the bad
news of the mass killing, political prostituion committed by different
kinds of supposedly politically aware people, or politicians, from
different political ideologies. At the moment of writing this the war
seems to be exploding in Beth Lahem.

I will be talking now from two point of views. I prefer to begin with
the humanitarian point of view since we as arabs lack understanding
the value of human life.

We see now dozens of civilians murdered bringing us back to the
barbaric culture of ethnic and religious elimination. This is a state
application of killing policy, simply innocent people are killed.
Seriously these killing machines remind me of the barbaric mongols in
the early islamic history. I don't really know if there is a
possibility to perminantly stop this state barbarism, but what I know
is when a person is desperate, what always happen in this situation is
fighting fire with fire.

Then we find politically-based statements trying to use the people's
emotions towards what's happening for different reasons. Being it
general radical opposition to the Muslim Brotherhood based
organisation with the help of their victorial statements. The other
face of the coin is blindly supporting the existing elected authority
without any try to explain or even understand what is the meaning of
victory or defeat. Did you ever just ask this question to your own
self before exploding? Attacking or defending?
Is being radical the only way of gathering people in the name of
democracy under the umbrella of intentional lack of information and

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IRC President
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