Book Review: Utopia – Ahmed Khaled Tawfik

يوتوبيا يوتوبيا by أحمد خالد توفيق

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Well I think the author is presenting the world as a result of extreme neo-liberalization of World Economy, the duality of poor and rich. And to present the unity of the two parts from the perspective of sex, drugs and violence (though for different reasons).

Not so bad for a pessimistic point of view, but personally I don’t agree with the author.

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7 Responses to Book Review: Utopia – Ahmed Khaled Tawfik
  1. bastokka طهقانة Reply

    دي حاجة حلوة خالص


  2. saso Reply

    ouch 1 of 5
    i still just can’t get it, each time i go i say NO, i’m not fond of the author anyway

    i needed some other openions, and here we go

  3. Mohamed ElGohary Reply

    Thanks for the visit dear Saso (:

  4. Sima3in Reply

    I disagree.
    the book is an iteration of the future. Extreme and pessimistic, but logic and very realistic.
    At which points don’t you agree with the author?

  5. Mohamed ElGohary Reply

    Injustice doesn’t prevail, ever :)

  6. Sima3in Reply

    It does.
    But not forever.

  7. Freestyler94 Reply

    well honestly i guess that this book was perfect !!
    and its very realistic to some extent! ..
    so i guess A.k.tawfik did a great job in this book in putting reality and a grim futristic look for egypt … i give it 4.5/5 (:

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