Tamer Mabrouk arrested

Via Fustat

According to the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information(AHNRI), Tamer Mabrouk was arrested on the 17th of July by police in Port Said. Mabrouk is currently involved in a libel lawsuit by the Trust company in Port Said, a company that he has dealt with extensively in his blog, and done some really good investigative citizen journalism on workers rights and environmental impacts and responsibilities of the factory on the water nearby, and how it effects the fish in the lake.

2 Responses to Tamer Mabrouk arrested
  1. Anonymous Reply

    Tamer enemy for our egypt public.tamer removed by trust company for poor work. so tamer threatening trust company to get more regular money every time.
    tamer damage our egypt country name.if company not worling all local egyptian family will suffer for food. we want to save our people from tamer.

    Inshaa allah

    Gamal ali shaben ali

  2. Mohamed ElGohary Reply

    Good day Mr. State Security Agent.

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