Detaining 14 people from 6th of April Youth Movement in Alexandria

After a successful conference for the 6th of April’s Youth Movement at the Ghad Party Alexandria HQ and their meeting with some of Alexandria’s youth, those young people went to the beach wearing the movement’s t shirts, singing patriotic songs and raising the Egyptian flags. They were also flaying a kite with the Egyptian Flag shape on it.

But then, strangely, State Security officers came and told them to stop singing and taking off their t shirts. This was opposing to National Security according to the officers. The people didn’t obey the “order”, so “naturally” the State Security forces attacked them physically while spraying them a strange substance (supposedly some sedative substance). Resulting in falling of some of them, so they dragged them on the ground to the SS cars, hitting them heavily several times.The SS took them to a place called ElFara’ena (The Pharaohs) in Alexandria. This place is known to be the HQ of the State Security in Alexandria.

This is a video shot just before the State Security attack happen

Those brave ones are arrested:
Khaled Adel
Mahinor ElMasry (The only girl) Update: She is now out, the rest still.
Youssef Shaa’ban
Bassem Fat’hy
Mustafa Maher
Amro Ali
Nour ElDeen Sob’hy
Medhat Shaker
Moa’tasem Bellah Mohammad
Tarek Tito
Mohammad Mahmoud
Ahmad Nassar
Ahmad Afifi
The State Security ordered that they will be detained for 15 days and this is the text for the reason of their detention

On Thursday, 24th of July
4 pm
In the case of detaining the Internet Activists
The case’s number is 5943 for year 2008 Raml First Administration in Alexandria
Participating with others to disrupt the means of transport and disrupting traffic
Crowing for more than 5 persons in public places and collecting agents under the name of 6th of April movement via Internet and incitement to overthrow the regime and destabilize the Country
Inciting demonstrations by distributing leaflets within citizens to call for civil disobedience
The order:
Detention for 15 days for investigation

For more pics you can go there

It is observed this time the brutal security dealing with the detainees

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