Egyptian Shura Council and People’s Assembly on Fire!!!

The Egyptian Shura Council and People’s Assembly (The two houses of Parliament) are now on fire. Several officials suggesting an electric fire or a thrown away lighted cigarette!!!

Photos for the burning of the historical building with the unsuccessful attempts to turn down the fire even by helicopters can be available here and here.

Rumors say that the fire can be an intentional one, to burn documents related to some recent important incidents (related to corruption) Like Mamdouh Ismail Salam 98 case for example.

You can also see vidoes (updated every minute) for the fire directly and news coverages.

Personally, I’m now remembering the V for Vendetta movie ending, when the Parliament exploded.

Watch from the minute 4:30 if you want to watch the scene directly.


Zeinobia An eye witness
Juplia Flickr
Juplia Youtube here and here

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