3 Responses to Elections: Your vote is in the John
  1. Wally Banners Reply

    Wow we got screwed as a Nation Today. I’ll never vote for an incumbent again. My recommendations are dump your dollars and American stock. Take long positions in the Euro and ADR Receipts and forget about American investments for a while. Also start taking deductions on your Income Taxes. I always used to overpay, figuring, “aww let Uncle Sam have the extra cash”.
    Never again will I do that as its not Uncle Sam that gets the Money, its the Banks,Wall Street and Congress that take your tax dollars for their own use. We Need a Third National Party!

  2. Mohamed ElGohary Reply

    You gotta also see where does the tax dollars go, for your interest or for other’s interest.

    USA has the right to live, and for that it must leave the hoax of the the Israel right to live.

  3. Nykemartyn Reply

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