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Global Voices Advocacy - Defending Free Speech Online


is really an awesome network for defending bloggers and online activists around the globe against censorship and physical/virtual harassment of all kinds. It also provides all kinds of support, technical and tactical, to bloggers and activists to optimize their performance. Follow it to find out how you can help defending bloggers around the world.

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  1. Jure Cuhalev (Zemanta) Reply

    Thanks for spread a word about a good cause! I’ve added your vote the Blogging for a cause tally: so you can keep track of progress yourself. Now make sure to get your friends blogging as well! We’ll be giving money to top 5 charities, that means you have very good chances at raising money for your cause!

    Jure Cuhalev, Zemanta

  2. David Reply

    I find that Facebook and Twitter have sort of become my olutets for those many random thoughts that fly around in my head and have nowhere to go. Also the ‘moments’ that happen throughout a day or week are shared more on Twitter/FB than on my personal blog. I’ve gotten away from writing there atm, but I’m not sure the blame can be entirely laid on the doorsteps of twitter and facebook. I’ve always gone in cycles with my blogging. Sometimes the ideas flow faster than I can blog them and I post almost daily, and sometimes I got nuthin’ and the blog goes quiet for a while. I’ve been like that since well before twitter/FB came along.

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